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Good Bye E

Reasonable productive day considering the rain.  Took care of some chores in the early morning and then headed off to city hall.  I was too late to ask the building inspector questions (need to be there 8 -9:30 AM) but did pick up the application for the electrical permit, plumbing permit and perimeter drainage permit.  On the electrical, I was informed I can take it out in stages, so can only do buried service the first pass.

I then did some more work on the tractor consolidating the debris pile so that I could get at the block wall on the north side. After lunch and a diesel fill up, I made short work of the block wall.  Removing it damaged the tree protection fencing so I had to repair that as soon as the wall was down.

Two things struck me today.  1) A neighbour two doors down was moving today and had storage bins and moving trucks on the road.  It was a very tight one lane through.  If I had been hauling soil away, lots of people would have been frustrated.  2) If the surveyors had finished yesterday as planned, the damage to the tree fencing would have taken out two of my batten boards.  I would have been screwed.  It is nice how things turn out some times.

Shortly after getting the wall down and getting the fence fixed, my repaired cylinder was returned by British Hydraulics.  There sales man Bruce actually drove it all the way out from New West at no extra charge – Awesome Service!  They can do cylinder repair and fabrication any size.  They also have their own 45ft chroming tank which was useful because mine ended up needing the shaft re-chromed. Finally they have their own machine shop and were able to easily turn out a pair of new bushings for the cylinder.  The cylinder repair came in at budget of $700 and the bushings were $150.  So it worked out to be the right decision to repair vs buy new (of course this decision was only made after the first one I did buy was the wrong part and a replacement did not seem to be easily sourced).

Bruce showed up around 4 PM.  I had the cylinder on and tested just after 5PM – I spent 15 minutes looking for a spring clip I had dropped 🙁  So then I emailed Williams to let them know they could pick up their E35.  E was a sweet machine.  It was a short but ground moving love affair.  She was nimble and sleek and oh so fast.  I will miss her.  I gave her a good send off by bathing her from top to bottom, inside and out.  Nothing was too much for my girl.

I bathed E down and scrubbed every nook and cranny.
I bathed E down and scrubbed every nook and cranny.

I then did some final work for the day with Alfie.  In comparison with E, Alfie is a cantankerous old man with arthritic joints and a pace maker.  You can just hear the groaning he makes as we grind through the movements.  Tomorrow I will treat him to some nice grease on his joints to see if we can get him limbered up a bit.

I also heard from Parm this evening and he will drop a truck off tomorrow afternoon so that I can start loading concrete.  Looks like everything is starting to roll and come together.  Lets pray we can keep up the momentum.

Also forgot to mention that Eric was here yesterday and finished processing ALL of the remaining wood which in this case was siding.  I had him stack it against the container as I will store it on the container roof until after construction and I figure out what I want to do with it.  This is great timing as now the space is clear and ready for the dump truck.  He will be MIA over the next week while he dogie sits my sister-in-law’s Havanese while she is away with my mother-in-law on a cruise.

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