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A shack to not be proud of.

Today had an accelerated start.  I came out at 8:30 to put the garbage out and received a call advising that the surveyors were on the way.  I was not expecting them till the afternoon and still had two batten boards to install, so I had a scramble. At least I got an early start.

At one point I was shown the posting plan and it was different than what I needed or was expecting.  They had measurements to where the foundation was (apparently standard), but I wanted dims to the footing outside edges.  This would be no big deal, but I did not have the foundation dims plotted anywhere and had no way of checking the posting plan.  So I asked for them to extrapolate on corner and advise based on there dims, where the outside face of the footing would be – It was different than my dims.

So after doing the legwork up and down the street and starting on the actual property, it was decided to abort the rest of the survey until the right dims that everyone could agree on were sorted out.  After lunch I received a drawing that much more closely aligned with my Master AutoCAD design.  It just needed a budge to the east by 2″ and we were all set.  The crew will come out and start where they left off hopefully tomorrow and if not on Thursday.

I then spent most of  the remainder of the day building the ugliest shack you have ever seen.  This contains some storage for items like tarps and other bulky construction materials as well as a 9ft workbench cutting table.  The storage portion started life as a shed on the side of the house. The rest was made up from generally scarp material from old house including plywood I had scrapped off the floor.  The shed was constructed generally without a tape measure or level and it shows.  The only thing I measured was the spacing of the roof supports so they would line up on plywood edges and the only thing I levelled was the workbench.

Moving old shed into potions
Moving old shed into position

People are going to walk by and look at this shed and be very nervous as to how the actual house will turn out.  I like to keep them guessing.  My only concern was staying dry and this will easily meet that need.

One ugly but funtional work shack
One ugly but functional work shack

I still have not heard from the excavator and will follow up with him tomorrow.  I need to at least get the concrete off the site so I can finish preparing for the excavation.  I figure we will start the big dig next Wednesday.  I will be offline next Mon/Tues playing tour guide for a colleague I met on LinkedIN.  Of course our plans will need to change a bit because he was coming in part to see my house and of course I have no house to show him.

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