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I have an office!

Today was a productive day and I was able to finally set up my office in the suite and the wireless internet across the street.  Only problem is that I am sicker than a dog with a chest cold and fever.  Was not in the best shape to be moving the heavy desk but perseverance got the job done.  Was thankful that setup of the network basically involved plugging the cable modem into the wall.  My theory about being on the same node panned out.

This is the sending unit mounted to the cable mast on the rental house. It sends the signal in a 360 arc from the white antenna. It is connected via a 50ft Cat5e patch chord to my router. The Router handles the DHCP and IP assignment for all connected devices on both sides of the street.
The receiving station is temporarily mounted to a 2×4 screwed to the old house roof. It will eventually get attached to the shipping container I have at the side of the house. The chord connects the station to a hub where the rest of the network is also attached.


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