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Settling into a routine

The week has been much of the same.  I have been going through things at the house and putting aside stuff to go to storage and stuff to be given away.  Many – many trips up and down the 13 steps to the basement suite.  This should help in my weight-loss goals of the project. To date I have only finished going through the kitchen.

The suite is coming along.  The kitchen is almost organized and I have installed the new LED ceiling lights.  Still have boxes of stuff everywhere that will need to be sorted and squirrelled away soon.  I expect this will be the case for several more weeks as I bring stuff over from the old house.  Sleep has been hit and miss.  Even though we are now well away from the other residents in the rest of the basement, now we are under the family room of the landlord and they have hardwood floors.  It is also clear that there is no insulation in the floor assembly. The landlord family has energized discussions, especially when company is over.  I also suspect the women are wearing high heals or some form of hard sole flip-flops. Fortunately, this has typically settled down between 11PM and midnight which we will learn to live with.

This is only the second time in my life I have lived in a dwelling with others and the first time I have rented and also the first time I have been below others.  SO it will be a period of adjustment, I am sure.

Between sorting and moving and also visiting a family member in hospital, I have not done anything on the house design or building prep since we moved.  Starting to feel stressed as time is ticking.

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