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Getting Better

Last night was much better.  The second bedroom actually fit our bedroom furniture better and we are on an outside corner so two of the walls are solid concrete and the other two are well away from the none suite portion of the basement.  Was very quite!

Blackberry decided enough was enough and at about 3:00 AM announced that it was time I got the doors in so that he could come and go at will (I made the mistake of letting him out yesterday and he figured out that he was not on holidays and was actually just across the street from his old home – the Tofino Cat syndrome was lost).

So I spent a good portion of the day putting in the two doors and cutting in the holes and installing the two cat doors.For those interested, the exterior cat door is a SureFlap Microchip Cat Door.  This is an awesome design that admits the cat by picking up the RFID signal in a microchip implanted into the cat’s haunches.  The chip is used to identify the cat by vets or shelters if it gets lost and Sureflap developed a technology to read this signal to activate the door.  The door only unlocks for a ‘paired’ pet and is Raccoon proof.  I know as I had 4 raccoon that tried on a nightly basis for many months to get into the house before we moved.

Should have a much happier kitty now. Also brought some loads from the house including some dishes and clothes.  I can tell, it is going to take a while to empty the house.  Will need to put in long hours to stay on schedule.

Have now also tested a wireless network bridge that I will use to beam my network connections and internet from the basement suite dwelling to the job site and my neighbour’s house. I am using an EnGenius ENH200EXT as the WDS Wireless Access Point and the ENH200 as the receiving WDS Station.  These devises can transmit over distances of ‘many miles’ so should easily make the journey across the street.  Each station will be plugged into a hub which can then provide a land line connection to other computers, printers, and web-cams.  Now that I know this will work, I just need to wait for some long network cables and then will install the system and move my office to the suite.

Forgot to mention earlier, the first night I was able to plug in one of the TV set-top boxes at the suite with no interruption in service.  I figure out the nodes on the power pole lines do not have any intelligence to say what address each line coming off goes to. SO as the new suite is on the same node, SHAW do not know that this is now in a new location.  Should simplify the transfer of the internet.

New Exterior Door with Cat Door Installed
Common Hall side of suite entrance
Suite side. Cat door was installed a bit too low for Blackberry’s taste, but he will tolerate. Door was a blank slab, so I had to install the locks and cut in the hinges. Might get around to painting it soon.


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