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Running on Empty!

Our first night left a lot to be desired!

I had chosen the smaller of the two bedrooms to use as the bedroom because it was longer so would fit the king size bed better.  This turned out to be a poor choice.  The bedroom was not part of the official suite with access to the room from the suite being added after construction.  The problem with this is that the construction of the room did not ensure sound proofing.  At 10:30 PM, a family friend in the other part of the basement came home and started talking with a family member who also sleeps in the basement.  They were having a good discussion with excited chatter and laughter.  This continued till after 1:00 AM. The walls were not insulated and I could hear every word including the TV at normal volumes.

This morning I first disassembled the dishwasher so I could remove debris caught in the pump impeller, then went to Home Depot to buy new lights as the existing ones were so poor.  Also picked up some essentials like garbage cans, vanity for the en-suite washroom so my wife has someplace to put her stuff, over the door hooks, etc. Spent all afternoon taking out everything stored in the second bedroom, disassembling the bed again and moving it to the second bedroom.

At least now there is only one fridge in the kitchen. Both cats have adjusted very well.  Blackberry is even tolerating being locked in as I have not yet installed his cat doors.

I am now running on fumes and hoping for a quite night tonight.

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