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Moving Day (Or at least Day 1)

I am beat!

This morning started at 8:45 AM at my neighbours for breakfast.  I have wonderful neighbours!  By 9:45, my neighbour’s son and son-in-law and I started to move the ‘heavy’ stuff across the street. My wife had to work today and was gone by this point.

I have a history of back issues and my back of late has been particularly bad (I know – why am I about to start building a house).  Fortunately Gord and Jeremy saved the day and did all the tough stuff while I got things ready for the move across the street and took some of the smaller more awkward pieces.    By 11:30 AM we were sitting down and a local watering hole for lunch and needed refreshments.

Most of the furniture has been moved over but there was still a lot of small stuff not moved over including essentials like plates and clothes and toiletries.  I spent the afternoon setting up the bedroom so that we had a place to sleep that night and started to organize the suite but it is still a big mess on both sides of the street.  We have food in two fridges as I will use my fridge and store the original suite fridge in the second bedroom (ours has a much better layout and freezer size). But I want to do a thorough clean of my fridge before putting it in place.  I also found a door slab to use for the suite entrance.

But for now it is good enough because I just want to go to sleep.

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