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A long productive day

The day started at 7:45 AM getting ready for a trip to the dump.  My neighbour Ron helped which was very much appreciated.  This was followed by a trip to the metal recycle at the transfer station.  The original plan was to take it to salvage and get some money for it, but they were not open today and I really needed the stuff out of the way.  By the time this was complete it was noon and my nephew was coming at 1 PM.  So I did some prep cleanup.  At 1:00 we moved all the cabinets I salvaged from West Van house that was torn down (see Rotting OSB) from the shipping container to the shed out back.  I was thankful for the extra help as it made it so much easier.  We then moved all the wood I had salvaged from the house over the last week or so into the container. Jonathan had to leave for work at 4:00.  I spend the rest of the evening clearing out the last remnants of the house, talking off mouldings, cover plates, and light fixtures and finally a quick sweep to round out the day at 10:30 PM.

My neighbour was laughing all weekend because I am famous for saying “Oh – That is only a couple of hours work”  and usually I am right.  My problem is that I am really bad at the cumulative part.  A couple of hours hear, a half hour there, and so and and very quickly you have a 14 hour day!

Tomorrow come to start setting up for the drywall remediation.  They will be here till Wednesday.  I am looking forward to getting this part of the project behind me.

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