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Asbestos Remediation is a go

I thought today would unfold very differently.  I thought the supervisor and possibly a small crew was going to come over and start prepping the area for tomorrows real start.  I thought that I would be told what kind of tunnel was needed and some prep work I could do in the house.  I thought the container would arrive tomorrow.

What I got was a neighbour ringing my doorbell at 8:00 AM a few short minutes after I had woken up stating a crew was waiting to be let in and a BIG container was waiting to unload.  And it was flat out from there.

After unloading the container a short briefing and discussion with the crew, they set to setting up a containment field for the kitchen, utility room, and my office.  I set out to building my first ever containment tunnel from the house out to where the container was dumped.  I used the trip to Dick’s Lumber to set up an account for all the materials I will need for the build.  By lunch the crew had pretty much gutter  and de-nailed the kitchen and utility room.  By the time they got back from lunch, I had finished most of the tunnel structure.  After lunch they got started on the spare bedroom and finishing off the office.  I would think by the end of tomorrow the hard part will be done and there will just be some cleanup.  I took the rest of the day and early evening to finish the structure and put up some poly.  The open side you see below and the bottom will be covered with the crew’s preferred orange tarp. It prevents prying eye but more importantly, it is not as slippery as poly.

Abatement tunnel
My Finished abatement retention tunnel
Tunnel ramps up level with container.


A tunnel to?


Tunnel seals to front door. This will allow crew to load unbagged drywall into the bin without the need for double bagging first. The bin itself will be double lined and sealed with tarps.

Sorry – no inside roving cam. I did not have the time or energy to set up some form of bubble around it and I am not sure the crew would have appreciated it anyway.  But I did stick my hand with a camera on the end through the air lock and took these photos.

IMG_0364 IMG_0365

The foil backed cardboard ‘insulation’ has really helped them contain the dust and minimize the materials that would need to be treated or disposed of.

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