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Permit Issued

Well, I can hardly believe this and am waiting for the follow up email saying “Sorry we made a mistake”, but I received an email today at 2:18 PM advising that my Building Permit had been issued.  Remember, I only submitted my application at 3:00 PM on Friday, so this represents a 2 day turn around.  As I was expecting a 2 week turning around on a ‘fast track’, a 2 day response is quite frankly unbelievable. There is a few questions about the fees, but I can go anytime and pick up.

SO now I am really behind the eight ball to get the house down and get started. I expect this to take another 3 maybe 4 weeks but will know more when I see how difficult it will be to pull up the floors and strip the siding.  I just wish we had not wasted the last month and a half going through a redesign that did nothing to make the interface between engineered components and the rest of the structure any different than the first time I submitted.  Really the only thing that changed was the re-position of a few windows to make room for the bigger minimum braced wall panel size.  Changes that even the Guide dictating them admits are not necessary and only required because modelling the true performance of a structure through all of the secondary components is too complex and difficult for the engineering community.  If I had been working on emptying the house and tearing down during that period instead of redesigning and drawing, I would only be a couple of weeks behind at this time instead of two months.

The asbestos crew were at it again at 8:00 AM this morning.  It was all hands on deck to finish prepping the rest of the rooms in the house. The crew doubled lined the container and then went to work inside the house tapping of key surfaces including the floors that will be salvaged.  I completed off the tarping and sealing off the tunnel out to the container and then helped finish off the tape off on the interior. By 10 the prep was done and the crew went back to pulling drywall.

I basically took the rest of the day ‘off’ and caught up on emails, did the laundry, and then even allowed myself a 15 minute nap before heading off for a 5 PM appointment.  I knew there was a lot I SHOULD be doing, but really needed the down time after about 8 straight days of long intense activities. Tomorrow I will still be locked out of the house while the crew finishes up so my plan is to spend the day organizing the shop, emptying all the stuff in a shed built onto the side of the house, and relocating the shed cam so that you can actually see the house again now that everything has grown up around the current location.

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