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Remediation Complete finished their abatement yesterday and did an excellent job.  All of the drywall containing asbestos has been removed including any nails holding it onto the framing.

The place is spotless as per photos below.

IMG_0375 IMG_0376 IMG_0377 IMG_0378

The foil backed cardboard really helped isolate the drywall dust and debris from the rest of the structure and also prevented the insulation in the attic from falling down.

Once they removed all of the drywall, they vacuum all surfaces with a HEPA vac and then they spray all surfaces with a glue to encapsulate any possible remaining fibres. This includes the studs, insulation panels, and all of the tarps used in the remediation.  They let this dry and then start stripping and double bagging all of the tarps.  The process results in a finished process that is very thorough at removing all fibres.

Once the site was no longer in lock down and after they had stripped the tarps from the tunnel, I took the tunnel down and used the wood to build shelves in the shipping container that will be used to store all of the building materials salvaged from the existing house including the floors and siding.

Earlier in the day I put up a new pole that I will mounted the shed cam to this afternoon (check out the new view) and cleaned out the shed built onto the north side of the house.  All in all – a productive day.

Today I got a very late start after picking up some parts for a reciprocating saw I borrowed from a friend and then promptly broke.  After several hours and trips, the saw was fixed, but unfortunately will not be suitable to remove the flooring.  This afternoon I was able to get about 24″ stripped.  Each row is taking 7-10 minutes, so I will have three very long days to stay on scheduled for this particular task.


The enormity of what is ahead of me is starting to hit.  When I was walking through the now stripped house, I thought about the work needed to just tear the existing house down, not to mention put up the new one.  I have typically only thought about the next action, and this has served me well.  But every so often the big picture slaps me across the face and freaks me right out.

Hopefully tomorrow will be filled with many little pictures again.

Thanks for visiting.


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