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Mommy - It's raining INSIDE the house.

Today our house officially became two different structures and it rained for the first time in 60 years into the living room, dinning room, hallways, bathroom, and spare bedroom. You could almost here the wood soaking up the moisture and you could certainly smell it. All the walls down the middle of the house were removed making way for the big container move early next week or maybe even on Sunday.

Of all the days to have a camera glitch, the shed cam was incorrectly programmed by me last night, so I missed all the time lapse image capture during this momentous event 🙁 For those watching it live, hope you enjoyed the show!

One becomes two!
One becomes two!

I started the day at the District hall where I picked up the environmental permit which included the soil removal and also the tree removal.  I will leave the building permit and all of its associated fees a few more weeks until I actually need it because it comes with a $20K+ price tag ($10K of which is a damage deposit I would get back) and I would like to hang onto our money as long as possible because as previously reported, we do not get any money from the bank until the foundations are in place.

I had a full contingent of help today. Eric (Father-In-Law) arrived at 10, and Gail (Neighbour) shortly after.  Eric stacked salvaged roof joists and Gail made short work of cleaning up all of the scrap wood about the place and depositing into nice piles.  Eric then moved onto nail pulling duty on the salvaged ceiling joists (it is weird – the roof joists were 2×4 and much longer spans with much higher loads compared to the 2×6 ceiling joists).

I proceeded on dismantling some of the outer walls and then moved onto the kitchen/utility roof and ceiling, but not before pushing over that stub of a loose chimney that made me nervous to work around.


With the chimney out of the way, I quickly dispatched the ceiling above the utility and kitchen and then cut down the rest of the exterior walls and 1 remaining interior wall.  As our cat Blackberry had woken us up at 3:20 AM and I had not really fallen back to sleep after – I was more than ready to call it a day.  But then Bahman, my landlord, arrived just after 5 PM and had other thoughts.  We worked till about 6:30 splitting those cut-down walls into their different components and stacking the resulting lumber.

I continue to be surprised and appreciative of all the volunteer help I am receiving.  I am a very lucky person to have such good neighbours and family.  I am now in good shape to drive the tractor through tomorrow and start moving plants and such from the front yard and then on Sunday attempting the big move to get the shipping container back to the front yard.

My web programmer encouraged me to leave my ugly mug on postings with no pictures.  SO you will probably see photos on all postings from now on 🙂 – as who really wants to look at me up close and personal.

Thanks for the visit!

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