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Productive Weekend - Considering the Heat

After a disastrous Thursday, the end of the week turned around and was quite productive (especially considering the heat!).

I spent all of Friday going through all of the stuff that was already in the container (A friend in the city had loaded me up with all his left overs after his build) and then started moving my stuff from the house into the container.  Saturday continued the loading and organizing of the shipping container. This is a time consuming and boring task, but I have learned many times that time spent organizing pays off in spades (Thursday was a great example – spending 1.5 hours looking for a tool and connectors that would have taken 60 seconds if I had put it back where it belonged).

By yesterday evening the bedroom was empty and I only had the dregs in the garage to deal with.  After a late start (it was Sunday after all), I went with Ron to take a load of trash (rotted lumber from his back deck) to the dump.  After some chores on the way home, I then loaded the final items to go to the storage locker.  My locker which is on the upper level was hotter than a Finnish sauna! I went in dry and came out drenched.  The rest of the afternoon was spent polishing off the last of the items in the garage and the house is now essentially EMPTY!  I planned on getting to this spot by Saturday, but with the 80+ heat (90+ in the shipping container), I am satisfied with the progress.

I still have some organization to do in the storage container and the shop out back, but will try to do most of this in the evenings. I will post some pics once I finsih organizing and get some light in there.

Tomorrow will start the deconstruction of the final parts of the house.  My first task will probably be to vacuum out the blow-in mineral wool insulation above the bedroom ceiling.  This is the last of the difficult jobs left.  Once gone, the house should come down quite quickly (by end of week is probably pushing it, but by mid next week for sure).

BC Hydro are supposed to be here by the 17th latest to swing my service over to the temp power pole. In the meantime, I have borrowed power from both neighbours so that I can uninstall the balance of the circuits and proceed with tear down.  By the time Hydro get here, there may just be the wall the panel is installed into and the soffit wall that the service is secured to.

I will also need to move all of the salvaged siding and longer lumber to the top of the storage container as that is the only spot left with room that will be out of the way.

Should be an exciting week.

Thanks for visiting.

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