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Revised Drawings Drafted

I spent the last couple of days revising all of the drawings to show the revised braced wall panel lengths and locations. I got these off by noon yesterday and spent the rest of yesterday and all of today drafting up new drawings for the Braced Wall Band and Panel layouts. The panel plan is quite similar to the layout I had previous, but I have separated the Panel plan into each storey to make it clearer.  These are now in the engineer’s hands to review and markup.

Now that I have a clear and affordable path forward, it is time to get started again on getting the house emptied out and taken down.  Hopefully by the end of the weekend, I will generally have the place cleaned out including all my ‘stuff’ in the utility room and garage.  This would allow me to start taking the place down next week. Most of the give away stuff is now gone by means of and the Free section in Craigslist.

For now I can only do items that would not require a permit like taking out the cabinets, hardwood flooring, and siding.  I still need to finish my temp power pole and have it inspected before I can have the power to the dwelling cut off.  I had been holding off until I knew we had a clear way forward.  I will need to get on this now soon as well.

I will also take some samples to the lab next week to see if we have any asbestos about.  As an owner, I am not bound by Work Safe regulations on this topic as long as there would not be any other individuals on site.  But I still want to do it properly and will have professional remediation if I find asbestos in the drywall tape and mud.

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S13 - Braced Wall Band Plan 001
S13 – New Braced Wall Band Plan
S14 - Braced Wall Panel Plan 001
New Braced Wall Panel Plan


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