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A good day!

Today was a totally awesome and productive day.  I am exhausted but very happy, not to mention extremely relieved.  I want to thank Nathan from Tacoma and Brian from Stantec for totally turning this project around and saving my bacon!

I want to also thank those that contacted me privately and publicly today with notes of support and encouragement. It really helps and provides the fuel behind my efforts!

I ended the day with both the AutoCAD and Home Designer Pro models updated with all the required changes and revised Architectural drawings issued.  Tomorrow I hope to get all of the Structural drawing updates done and off to the engineer by 1:00 PM.  Everything will then sit with Tacoma for a bit while they go through and check that I am compliant with Part C of the Guide and provide final markups.

This has gone as I hoped was possible after I was told by the District that Part C should not require a lot of changes to a Part 9 model.  But going through this, I can see that for many designs, this would be a very large change.

I was lucky – not good.

Because I had so low of a glazing ratio on all but the South elevation, my braced panel ratio per band on my original plans was generally much higher than needed.  This allowed a lot of flexibility in how I met the new Part C requirements.

If this was a typical under performing dwelling with large windows everywhere and many Part 9 allowed 30″ intermediate panels and 24″ corner panels, I would have been in a world of hurt and would have been doing major redesign.  I am very grateful this was not the case.

Onwards and upwards!

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