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Turning into a good week!

I wanted to give you all the good news as soon as I got it.

I have just heard from Nathan at Tacoma and he has confirmed that only the Lateral Design needs to be fully compliant with Part C of the CWC Guide.  The rest of the items are gravity loads that can be designed to Part 4 of the Code or Part B of the guide.

As these gravity load components have already generally been designed to Part 4, most of the legwork is now complete.  By tomorrow I will send them my updated drawings that will be in compliance with Part C of the guide.  We will then just need to work on a really clear and concise set of drawings to represent the Lateral Load design.

The best news is that we will be able to finish this work by mid May and stay on track with the newly revised schedule.  Finally a light at the end of the tunnel that does not appear to be an oncoming train.  It looks like I will get through this redesign with a minimal added cost.

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