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Roof Structure Started

It was another great day even though as usual I got a late start and arrived at the job site at 11:45 AM.

The day started with a chiro appointment where Dr. M tweaked me back into alignment bringing instant relief.  I then spent some time communicating with Paul who has been working on new PHP code enhancements for the cameras.

I then got started stripping the ship-lap from the roof.  It came off EASY!   Like the walls, I just needed to get one end going and then used my foot in the gap (steel toed shoes) to keep tension on the board as I used my new favourite tool (my modified pick-axe) to pry.

It only took a couple of hours to strip the back side of the living room and then another couple of hours to strip the kitchen roof (both sides).  I then started on the front roof and had a real surprise when my landlord across the street showed up and pretty much demanded to help.  His Persian background made communication difficult at times, but he quickly got the hang of what I needed done and became the saws-all man.  I would let him know where I needed a cut and he would go to it.  It was a pleasant surprise to get this help from a most unexpected source.

After an hour (and me noticing that he had made a call and interpreting that he was talking about me), his youngest son showed up with a nice black tea with notes of cinnamon and some dates stuffed with walnuts.  We all sat down and had a nice chat for an hour or so.  I took the opportunity to let them know I would need to rent for at least 4 more months than originally planned.  His son spoke English very well and would translate when we go stuck.  Of course I am terrible with names and have forgotten the son’s name.

Geoff Baker of Westcoast Outbuildings  also showed up around 12:30 and picked up all of the ship-lap I had stripped to date.  They will come back tomorrow to pick up the balance and any 2×4’s I can spare.  They also will take the windows I have taken out of the house.  They were going to take today but forgot.  I wish they hadn’t because a piece of wood I tossed off the roof took a bad bounce and broke one of the panes in an operable lite.  Fortunately, I have some spare glass around I can give them to replace.

Alfie got a mild workout.  The kitchen gable was going to be a PITA to get down with lots of ceiling joist navigating and lots of recip saw work.  So I saw the tractor sitting there and though why not.  It took all of 2 minutes to get into position and gently pry off the house.  Once down, this was the first project that Bahman (my landlord) tacked disassembling.

Tomorrow should see the last of the ship-lap removed from the roof to be taken down now, and then the removal of the roof and ceiling joist, and finally of the walls.  If I am really productive, I will be able to drive Alfie to the front yard by the end of the day and start salvaging the plants and shrubs in the front yard.

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