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Roof Insulation Package Arrived

On Friday, I received the 8 skids of ROCKWOOL COMFORTBATT® that represent the roof insulation package.

The product came directly from ROCKWOOL via train to Convoy Supply (they have a rail spur at their Coquitlam location for unloading) and then was loaded onto two Convoy trucks (one with HIAB and other with forklift) and brought to site where it was lifted onto my lower office and garage roofs (of course I checked the roof truss design loading to make sure the skids did not exceed designed live load).

8 Skids of COMFORTBATT (mainly 3.5″ thick on this side – Office Roof)
Another 5 skids on the Garage roof (All 5.5″ R22 for 24″ Spaced framing)
Convoy crew getting ready to unload.

The roof insulation package will consist of 2 layers of 3.5″ R14 and 2 layers of 5.5″ R22 for a total depth of 18″ providing an effective R62 assembly based on framing losses (nominal R72).  I am able to completely fill the rafter space because I installed cross-purlins, with 1″ spacer blocks, above the truss surface to provide the cross ventilation and the code required 2.5″ between the roof sheathing and insulation surface.

Roof cross ventilation provided by cross-purlins and 1″ spacer blocks.

I also plan to eek out every bit of R-value possible from the assembly by filling the truss triangles with some 1.5″  ROCKWOOL COMFORTBOARD™ 80 material.

I will proceed on this installation once I have received authorization from the engineers and Municipality, which is expected early this coming week.

I want to thank Alejandra Nieto of ROCKWOOL and Brian Picco of Convoy Supply – Coquitlam for their coordination in setting up this shipment. I especially want to thank Antoine Habellion of ROCKWOOL for his continued support of theEnclosure.

And as always – to those of you visiting my site – Thank-You and please submit your comments and questions.

2 Responses to “Roof Insulation Package Arrived”

  1. dear Sean! today I decided to show my friend your amazing house. I must say my admiration for your tenacity knows no bounds! when we return in May I will drop by to see you and check your pulse. my best wishes to you amigo!

    Alan Nixon

  2. Many thanks Alan. This has been the one project where stubbornness has been an asset :-). Glad you are enjoying the sun. Very Jealous!

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