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Well, I have had a few neighbourhood folks ask what’s up and where I have been.  Wish I could say it was a holiday, but I am just now recovering from a week of down time with a bad cold and chest infection. Being up on a roof is no place for someone who is weak and dizzy! So finishing the roof has been setback another week, but I hope to be done by Dec 17th.

Prior to getting sick, I did make great progress on the North upper roof.  Herby from Embers came on Tuesday the 22nd and helped me lift all of the trusses into place.  It took us about 2 hours to lift the main and gable trusses up. While Herby spent the rest of the day (and Wednesday) in the basement trenching for the sub-slab plumbing drains, I plumbed and secured the trusses into place prior to starting on the cross purlins for the rest of the week. I still have the east and west overhang ladder framing to complete and then can start the decking.

For the fascias, I have decided to rent an articulated boom, as this will be so much easier, safer, and faster than setting up the scaffold repeatedly as I move along the fascia edge on the south, north, and west elevations (I will be able to do the east elevation from the lower floor roofs).

I also have Brian from Stantec Engineering coming on the 13th to perform a partial framing inspection including my sheathing and exterior wall framing. This will then allow me to start prepping for my window installation that will include covering the plywood with membrane around the window openings (and therefore the nailing pattern of the sheathing must be inspected prior). I hope to have all the window openings prepped and ready for installation by the end of the year.

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