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Variance Approved

I am very relieved that our development variance was approved last night. This locks in the design and allows for me to proceed on the building permit application.

I had a bit of a hiccup with the building permit process. My Structural engineer did not need a Geotech and the way the District bylaw is worded, it did not appear they did either. However a pre-permit app call to the District identified that ALL new construction requires a GeoTech to be involved on the project. SO I had to scramble over the weekend to set up and had my site inspection yesterday where I dug 5 test holes for the engineer.

I also was able to get an arborist out yesterday and we finalized the tree protection fencing locations and determined the course of action for the required root pruning. This afternoon, now that it has stopped raining, I hope to install the telephone pole that will support my temp power panel and also install the tree fencing. I also hope to have this site live in the next couple of days.

Last night I completed the final edits to the Structural drawings and hope to receive the final sealed drawings and Schedules A & B from the engineer in the next couple of days.

A follow up to the data crash. It looks like my personal file was fully restored. Unfortunately I was not as lucky with my company file and will have to rebuild two years worth of data. As it is a small part time business, this should not be too onerous.

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