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5 Years ... and Counting!

Well folks, on May 12, it will officially be 5 years since I started this crazy project. What was I thinking ?

I thought it would be fun to see what I was doing on May 12 for each of the years I have been at it.

May 12, 2014 – Project officially starts with the dismantling of the kitchen
May 12, 2015 – Foundation recently poured. Getting ready to mount rim boards that floor trusses will attach to.  Little did I know that two weeks later I would badly break my shoulder and that it would effect the rest of my build 🙁
May 12, 2016 – BAT 3.0 (Big Ass Tarp) is hoisted proudly into the air. The 1st storey floor assembly is complete and all foundation water proofing, insulation, and backfill are close to complete. We also have a poured suspended garage slab and basement walk-up foundation. 1st Storey framing is about to start!
May 12, 2017 – Framing is complete, windows are installed, rough-in ABS waste drains complete, permanent electrical service installed.
May 12, 2018 – Finally able to proceed on building envelope after Municipal road-block and finding building envelope engineer willing to meet the District’s incorrect use of Professional’s schedules.
Also completed in last year the HRV ducting system (certified Air Tight!), install suspended master-bedroom deck structural (hung from diagonal braces), installed roofing membranes and retiring B.A.T. 3.0, pre-stained all 6 sides of the Coulson Architectural Cedar, install sub-slab insulation, sub-slab insulation lab, sub-slab vapour/water barrier and pour basement slab, and then finish partition walls in basement.
May 10, 2019 – Exterior Cedar siding complete with Delta-Vent SA membrane and 6″ of ROCKWOOL are complete. Last two unfinished walls in this photo will be clad with Nichiha Architectural Panels. Also completed in last year: install ground water storage cistern with associated piping and front yard garden electrical, install shallow storm water sump and connect to municipal storm sewer, install water service to dwelling and connect to municipal sanitation sewer, install gas line for back-up generator, design hydronic heating panels, and …
As of today, I passed my roof insulation inspection and started installing the OSB Air and Vapour Barrier

I also recently was able to create some more of the time-lapse videos listed below.  Enjoy!

Working on North Elevation Building Envelope

Installing Ground Water Storage Cistern and Storm Water Sump

Say good-bye to the Sea-Can used for construction supplies

Working on Building Envelope off Garage roof

Building Envelope continues on West and South Elevation

Too Many Rocks

At long last the engineered cedar siding is complete!

Mar-tech stops by to install heat cured liner in the older part of the sewer line between the curb inspection port and municipal sani-sewer.

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