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Sail Away

Spent the entire day trying to tame a sail that Christopher Columbus would be proud of and ended the day with 6 points of attachment and none of them fully tensioned. 2 of the attachment points are neighbour’s trees so I am again thankful for good neighbours.

My method of attachment is to tie a rope around a 1×4 and then screw that 1×4 to another with the tarp being sandwiched in the middle.  This has worked out well and I believe they are going to hold quite well.

What I am worried about is the rope, It is roughly 1/4″ nylon but I am now concerned it is not strong enough.  The tarp is every so heavy and as I try to tension up the sides so they are far enough off the ground, the force pulling on them is so much more.  So we will see if I end up needing to switch to stainless aircraft cable instead.

There is great concern that this idea will end up being a poor one that just caused me grief and empties my wallet, but if it works, it will significantly improve the build and make the process so much more pleasant.  And the quality of the build and finished dwelling will be improved by the fact that the structure will stay dry during the winter rains.

Lets hope it works!

Thanks for the visit.

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